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Paper Cranes

by Aeon Grey - Sabicas

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Orikata 00:56
Live Stock 02:53
Live Stock... Sheep shouldn't mingle with wolves/ villagers with lions, children with giants/ we keep time designed Mayan/ keep grinding even though we know the dime's spent/ the last line of defense/ famous last words that remind us of death/ faith and fate collide on the edge/ trying to decide the stride of the next step/ we Sasquatch afterthought in a hindsight climate to cash in god/ we should share intergalactic thought/ instead we can't get past our block/ a small world, it is what we make it/ if we never fire the clay we change it/ admire the frame the picture's wasted/ pick your poison, pick one the pain fits/ strain will to pain kill fold it up the same way the crane's built/ contained self caged in brain cells/ we can't train to stimulate in trace elements/ sheep shouldn't mingle with wolves/ butcher block/ live stock sheep shouldn't mingle with wolves/ animal kingdom put the teeth on their throats/ natural environment we can't control/ Iron islands isolated cannibal souls/ stay starved for efficiency alpha's fake scars just to live the dream/ desire for a blindside to overcome/ reality's a nightmare their lucky to live asleep/ can't trust what it is we see/ trade scruples just to live like kings/ desires are the blindsides to overcome/ societies eyes on the prize/ it's over done/ sheep shouldn't mingle with wolves/ butcher block/ live stock
Rapture Genetics... Up, Up, Up/ I feel like I'm on to something/ first I've got to untie this knot in my stomach/ no chance can't deny the monster the summit/ wait until the wounds cauterize/ no way to play doom on the cautious side/ give or take make room for your faults and lies/ vulgar design a la carte your lives/ street smart and yet Charles Schwab refined/ still have to borrow balls to cross the line/ tomorrow's gnarled jaws nibble concubines/ tastes like holocaust mixed marsala chai/ between the limestone and a small divide/ tight rope existence cross the barbs of wire/ then walk the wild with an apostle stride/ palms on the neck until the pulse has died/ there's no credit limit on the cost of lives/ play your cards all in and disregard the blinds/ either starve or dine/ they syncopated swinging blades to carve the swine/ the culture sculpts the crime/ sniff the dust while the marble grinds/ makeshift Icarus wings made with clothe and twine/ it ain't pretty but it's Leonardo fly/ Up, Up, Up/ I feel like I'm on to something/ first I've got to untie this knot in my stomach/ no chance can't deny the monster the summit/ innovate the pheonix and evolve the flock/ this side of the tracks it's keep off the sod/ wish they'd factory recall your pops/ practice the dream only greed calls the shots/ this caste system bleeds all the rocks/ your callased grip can't conceive it's possible/ processed control stockholm lock and load/ chase gasoline rainbows for pots of gold/ and watch the phosphorous glow/ Sodom and Gomorra to your modern fit Rome/ stay rocking this boat/ and bottoms of more than your logic can hold/ drinking the dew mixed with dooms frost/ my California roll consumed raw/ the first bird from reptile feathered and scaled/ gold balanced while you evolve/ Up, Up, Up/ I feel like I'm on to something/ first I've got to untie this knot in my stomach/ no chance can't deny the monster the summit/
Cessation 02:34
Cessation... Stand still/ every thing's cancelled/ man's never touched an animal it can't kill/ there's no more hustling/ past my era/ cold war Russian/ Aghan, Arabs enforce what they dub free/ rig a trash can dust a humvee/ in a culture we learn that freedom's urgent/ we wonder why they turn to insurgents/ certain situations call for violence/ the homeland, defy foreign forces who occupy it/ call it invasion/ call off the dogs/ can't afford the cost to maintain it/ fog of war the insane mist/ not even sure which way we're aiming/ the soldiers I can't blame them/ but I'd never pull a trigger for a college payment/ our situations aren't the same/ you ever stared down the barrel of an AK friend?/ I didn't think so/ every story's got a wrinkle/ and this one's folded over all our eyes/ so much we don't know and we can't describe/ crazy how much it demands our time/ dance with the design/ the damage is done/ distracted savage/ anarchist ash the masses cancer's cut from the canvas/ can't touch what you can't handle/ come to grips with a cup and then tell them it's half full/ just enough to wash your sandcastle/ what we live for is the dust across our sandals/ Stand still/ every thing's cancelled/ man's never touched an animal it can't kill/
Thirteen 01:07
Echo Chamber 02:21
Echo Chamber Cannibal fatigued mandible chewing meat mangled domes casual off the clavicle/ miniature scale castle walls collapse with salt in the catapults/ in the kingdom that cash rules it's field work for the cats with pull/ the frog prince dissected when the scalpels dull/ heart removed with a spoon and some salad tongs/ manic guards corral the yard rubbing the wrong way displays the callused charm with some sharpened plastic shards/ and there ain't no bouncing back Knife in a gun fight eq'd by vicinity and the fastest draw/ broken man who isn't running until the cast is off/ maverick dog who fashioned his jaws with the tusks of a mastodon/ fastened to front line slipping through the cracks in the law/ nothing to bask in until the casket is welded/ and that's of you're lucky/ bury the bloody bag of scraps wherever the hell it is/ then sing a sweet toast to the meat loaf and send a message to the next of kin/ and there ain't no bouncing back Zero tolerance turned off on the hero toggle switch/ steam boat polished swimming a creek of excrement/ still waiting to exhale?/ overpopulous and disease is the only thing accomplished by sex sales/ are you waiting for that ship to set sale?/ or swimming with the Jesus fishes fresh off of alcatraz?/ choking eyes nose and mouth of gas/ hopeless we burn out croaking without a gasp/ and there ain't no bouncing back chameleon lounge citizens counting the axe grinders the only thing certain is the pasts behind us
Folded Cranes... I don't want to have to fight through this again/ SS minnow with a life boat missing and packed with nitro glycerin/ start it and finish it/ dust collector owl with pigeon breath/ hunter with wisdoms edge/ Midwest son of a simple man/ carpenter heartburn/ or is it the lungs mix with the singed oaks ash/ this is the two shits I give hopes chance/ whose tutelage is conducive to a limp home/ I'm not used to excuses/ I'll say that I'm sorry and tomorrow keep moving/ truth is I don't know what the fuck I'm doing/ its astronaut or Asimov/ ask who bought the NASA branded shuttle to crash the dugout/ trading gas for blood or passion for law/ To sit back relax and watch the dragon run his mouth/ the king can thumb his crown to tilt the scales/ until the dumb it downward spiral fails/ sheep shouldn't cry to wolves themselves/ but when the siren sounds only the most violent and opportunist come running/ and they're not using excuses/ they save sorry for tomorrow and keep looting/ truth is, hope isn't what your used to/ this is my response to my duties/ my constant struggle with ruin/ still trying to round it out/ this is how I acknowledge the doom and the constant subtle reminder what's brewing/ and stay nonchalant/ I'm not manic depressed just a man trying to manage his stress/ where the golden gate shades shangri-la/ these folded cranes can wave but they can't take off/
Sunrise 00:59
Sunset 02:00
Sunset... They forsake truth/ fact chasing to break news/ goofy foot fat laces in skate shoes/ passion and faith used to debate proof/ should be practicing Houdini escape moves/ stay juiced ugly duckling to grey goose/ picking crumbs from the plates grooves to make due/ we've adjust to facing our fates fooled by the dumb fix the popular caters to/ populous stay in tune/ seven second delay the truth/ cultivating the lamen's brood/ no experience with basic tools/ wasted time refined by my days in school/ vagrant rule/ dazed and confused/ yearning to be amazed and refueled/ beyond a phase of my youth/ stationed cavemen grouped with flame to cave in to/ all the way on all the rage and doom fitted/ who's playing you?/ and who'd pay him to?/ what's the point of pacing for pains refute/ when you've got miles to go and time's chasing you/ sometimes you've got to change your route and break the mood/ raised in contagious wastelands with no sacred jewels/ just frost bit shoulder chips on glacial moves/ dislocated age old mews/ ripple fading in the lake's gold hue/ it's sunset...
Don't Hold Your Breath... Grey's remembrance, done pretending this world might change when I know that it never is/ I'm ready to leave tired of defending it/ plenty of chinks in my armor my circles grinded every edge/ commandeering a chevy sled/ pushing every red line they laid out before me/ taking on forever head first no regrets I'll bend curves/ back to point A and point B direct journeys/ never turn around again/ conquer every obstacle that may sprout before me/ I'll break ground zero somewhere else/ created a crater to cradle my sound here some shared the wealth/ some are kicking dirt at the foundation/ don't understand a sound structure's built from the basement/ I don't eat meat still go a fowl taste in my mouth from cats who reside here and think they'll be found famous/ resting and restless, waste time tallying facebook friends without taking a risk/ it's the experience, trials and tribulations/ you live in denial of how it is you fit in the painting/ so call me when you figure it out I'm not trying to dead weight lift or end up dead waiting/ dead serious, hanging from these rafters/ belt on my neck, done pretending inferior/ head in the clouds not ready for vertigo when I clear the air/ watch for fall off rappers when I'm clear of here/ you'll awake in the wake of my departure/ huffing chem trails thinking that the waters calm tomorrow/ boat clears the horizon, you see the shark's fins/ you'll probably rethink the way you treated those you call friends/ in the end we'll all be blended back to carbon/ think about this niche in the world that you're carving/ Grey's remembrance, done pretending this world might change when I know that it never is/
Eyes Full 02:28
Eyes Full... It's not about being hard or emo/ it's sharing our scars related to these personal dangers that we know/ survival guides so those with younger eyes can rival odds and succeed hope/ even though it seems so pointless sometimes I can't breath or see past the smoke and mirrors/ passion holds us near it lack of satisfaction controls the spirit/ sadness on our backs and the toll on our dreams is clear as day/ eyes in the solstice, satellite ties to a culture/ not trying to be right or offer an answer just trying to be right now without worrying about my chances/ we're definitely not in Kansas/ this is death measure by the potency of the last kiss and how we handle the hospice/ we're not even close to the worse we can imagine/ but the madness is in the fact that once it's imagined, it all seems to happen/ the classic backward actions of the masses contrasting compassion with one last attempt to cash in without contemplating it's lasting impression/ equal and opposite/ the see saw of progress risks/ I've seen it all from the caskets to fatherless kids and how their optics drip/ and you can say the pressure got to him/ everyone of the sockets stripped/ trying to balance the facade with the obvious/ knowledge is not a gift/ and half the battles just seeing these battlefields with these/ eyes full of tears/ I am the infant/ born only knowing the innocence/ I am the carcas the buzzards circle/ I am the instance/ I am the mistakes/ the ones I'm forced to live with/
Running Free 02:29
Running Free... It's foot before foot before footing my footsteps/ walk this earth absorb what I haven't took yet/ welcome to savage avalon/ let the ballads balance pawns with the wildlife/ razor fangs for your comedy/ acknowledge dreams in your Shiva kicks/ deceiving kids who see the sticks for the forest/ can't believe this shit/ deity sangria mix with santoria trance breathing a sativa fix until you can't perceive the trends/ Who's clocking out?/ these doppler optics stay focused on the counters down/ not the clown cadillacs/ cattle brand deterrents are worthless if they strike first/ rubber necking turning warheads tongue in cheek in a blind eye sweating nervous/ pass the buck to the summers heat in a refined smile/ some are vegged and some are meat/ it all depends on the calibration of your cadence/ are your lumber creeks dumb in peace or running free/ Life's a beach, but I'm sitting cesspool side/ testing a fools lies through an electric cute smile/ on my 60 second chess move grind/ pawn at the mercy of the kingdom drawn to tip the king and call it a day/ but there's still some brontosaurus in the tank/ no/ there's still some storage in the back/ no/ there's still some stories you can act/ no/ you can't encourage the crash test dummy to rock a seat belt when he feels he's deserving the crash/ betting stakes when the levee breaks the surface surpasses nostrils/ eyes closed ready to accept his fate/ nothing but buttered bread and lead on his breakfast plate/ still tired from butting heads on his date with destiny/ a five star hells kitchen disaster recipe/ with a dash of respect and the rest is beef/ these nightmares can make a mess of dreams/ so we shed the sheets/ and find it best to never sleep/ keep running.
Senzaburu 02:01


Paper Cranes was conceived by Sabicas and Aeon Grey while sitting in a half empty apartment in July of 2010. The idea was to create an album somewhat spontaneously using beats crafted of just simple loops and drums, and stream of conscious lyrics. Sometimes letting the pieces fall randomly actually creates the most honest representation of intention. Nothing is forced, nothing is touched up and nothing is held back. Nothing just... Is.


released July 26, 2011

Produced by Sabicas
Written by Aeon Grey


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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