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Still Lifes Sabotage

by Aeon Grey - Bashir

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hum drum 03:17
in a world where we loot steal and prey on the misfortunate/ no mother to invention take that plague to the orphanage/ we take that pain and absorb the formulas/ trying to sustain, conform to the informative/ I'm just trying to learn how it's normal to live when social decay defines all our norms to exist/ and it seems 90% of this human experience is being worn to the ribs/ there's gotta be more than this/ let me ugly metaphor your universe/ better warned snuggling head of horse before the funeral service/ hold your crotch cobra locks no emotion dodo nods/ yeah I know you're not land rover rock and blow the spot/ hand over, hand over god, caddy shack gopher bomb/ go for broke pneumonia cold metabolic culture shock/ off the block metal polished caught or not/ kalishnikov bricks from mars stick to the cause what's a face on a mountain side?/ monument mouth design nano-tech mandible fresh/ commando breath til the masses defect/ and that's the science/ Anglo irish/ homestead/ where a man grows silent/ dead/ standard on both eyelids/ all stamina no mileage/ off camera so modest/ lost animals no guidance/ watching both sides of the holocaust from Cooper and O'Reilly/ it's time to eat the diet is kosher/ no matter what bible you beat don't get your hopes up. in a world where we loot steal and prey on the misfortunate/ no mother to invention take that plague to the orphanage/ we take that pain and absorb the formulas/ trying to sustain, conform to the informative/ I'm just trying to learn how it's normal to live when social decay defines all our norms to exist/ and it seems 90% of this human experience is being worn to the ribs/ with no morals for defense/ you can't just ignore the trends/ because kids these days they aren't born to a fist/ they're born to the turmoil parents horde within themselves/ and that's the type of thing that shapes the cores we've developed/ where every step forward seems like there's more to regret/ and every set report seems like there's more to the threat/ it's important to ask yourself how do you want to live life/ between society... and the corner, or the edge/
off my chest 03:47
I wake up in the coldest bed/ alone and stretched out no more holding hands/ just a grown ass man sleeping shoulders pressed against the floor boards seeing his ceiling through a broken lense/ Knowing my life must be a joke with friends/ but I'm composed of stress propulsions the pressure/ measured by the hope the ends justify demeanor/ should've of known you can't make stoic fresh/ Especially when everybody's scoped on pleasure/ eyes kaleidoscope forever/ who'd of thought strength to be the downfall/ root the problem the trench the enemy pounds on/  Sleeping in the back unsure how fast we're living/ lost the woman of my dreams through the cracks in my fingers/ no peace, or even REM patterns/ insomniac who just wants a few winks to be with her/ in her embrace I never knew limits/ felt stable nothing to lose living the precipice/ went from booster influenced blue chipping to a future invested in solitudes wingspan/ in a vacuum of space with no wind beneath it/ refuel the iron eagle or combust to phoenix/ what's the meaning forgot how inspired feels/ dragging this pick axe through the mine fields/ used to touch the sun for warmth/ Now my comfort zone's back to iceberg shoulders/ getting used to being sunk for once/ there's no room to float when your life's worth's quarters/ more useless tokens of hope/ fished from the well that we might turn corners/ a man who's just trying to cope/ risking it all before the light source novas/ 
moon rocks 02:50
I'm not a product of optimism/ adopted logic rot where positive thought drops to the bottom of the pot you piss in/ I'm not fishing for compliments or fetching for peace / I'm tossing dynamite in the pond to eat what floats, no catch and release/ this is homage to the cynics/ bonded to realities consequences/ common ground found huddled around trash can fires in bombed out cities/ but I'm calm now, indifferent/ dissolved proud, pulse pounding/ back to primitive walk dragging his digits/ damned if I did it, damned if I didn't/ damaged goods, hear the fragments/ should've shook it before the john hancock/ god's plan stopped immediately after the apple was bitten/ No casual religion or lies to prove/ no fanaticism planting explosives trying to inspire the truth/ it's free range or prison state/ what side are you?/ information age or Plymouth gradient/ history plagued by culture specialized in misery's trade/ maybe it's a ving rahmes medieval phase/ That's how grey gets it Gettysburg addressing the envelope every single day I'm watching the world decay trying to locksmith some worldly ways for living/ no more mislead hope opportunities knocking but I'm on the wrong side of the dead bolt/  no thoughts that unities progress you may belong but my friends don't/ accosted loony bin nonsense don't care if you are strong with the best cult/ chances are the individual survives but i bet the rest won't/  logics nuisance now we all rely on heaven to cope/ survive with a nuance of desperation to blend in with hell and center ourselves/ it's not the success or accomplishments it's the struggle/ in love with the stress the constant risk conflicts with the common concept of humble/  the conscious decision for torture at the source of the continence/ the competition pitting fate against the force of the confidence/ the kind of change that's forged under the weight of the final steps towards the abyss racing the wasteland thinking we were born for this/
better days 04:04
You'd like to think it's all roses, it's wilted and smoldering/ save it for a guilt trip ticket to get home again/ the small moments gilded with chrome and trim/ sacred rebuilt in a stick figure who's motion sick from patterns/ I'm trying to get out though/ less classic more southpaw/ no microscope no scalpel/ ambidextrous/ words moving but the mouth wont/ no righteous quotes just relearning how to float/ and redefine powerful/ some meaning of life counseled hope/ barely even amounts to know truths about tomorrow/ maybe I'm to proud for a sergeant's tone/ just because I can't spit the scars from the throat/ it's doesn't mean I'm not hurting/ the calms a cloak/ and demands respect with each barb I swallow to cope/ lost what I tried my hardest to hold/ now I'm stuck facing tomorrow alone/ I really need some "better days" and as far as I know I'm still headed west/ hand over the eyeballs until the sediment rests/ let the gentleman fret silent protecting my breath/ knowing every step forward it must get better than this/ and I'm not looking back, nah never again/ the past is there, I know the look she has, the memories etched/ all I can really do is sever these limbs/ set the standard as living proof forever can end/ forget the fanfare just give me truth whatever it is/ I'm ready for it/ why else would I have bothered polishing gun metal ribs/ not trying to follow fodder I'm the one that'll live/ regardless of the odds put a hundred against/ eventually it will break if it bends/ and I'm taking that chance, head of steam straight for the edge/ let em scream/ staying braced for the worst but embracing the best/ I really need some "better days" And maybe the days better/ no stress in the bays weather: no hesitant or shame stepping in front of the fates pressure/ from where I'm from to the gains level/ from where I rest the rest is just the grains and pebbles/ engrained in pedals/ i keep walking and the chains are heavy/ I've got to bear this burden before I change the setting/ still learning how the weight affects me/ turning these wheels hands in the clay and pressing to shape this destiny/ finally smiling but still laying waste to everything/ theres scars in the harmony no way i'm forgetting/ charging towards tomorrow's dreams with faith and the lead in these teeth/ so save your prayers and pennies my souls already paid the penalties/
These Sunny mornings got us thinking... "someday somewhere we'll afford that luxury of relaxing"/ but until then we're pushing forward square to the walls our back's against/ the fortune is that we're fortunate enough to be aware it's happening/ thats the happiness/ the pressures the weight measured against the gravitas/ where X is the faith immeasurable by any mans algebra/ we think we've been writing this how to love/ but the reservoirs dry there's not a separate source for miles so the how to is done/ there's no manual for a man who's wills defined by the chances he'll take to find just one diamond in the rough/ when what's precious is pedestal'd but not presented for the touch/ there's simply no pretending he won't sacrifice his own flesh and blood/ and disregarding how he was regarded or discarded is the problem with tomorrows forecast/ its time we clear the atmosphere quickly/ this elephant in the room is cool but better suited to a room with a view where he can at least acknowledge the crime of being trapped in here with me/ Those overcast afternoons had us pondering... "Who actually gave value to the cumulus silver lining?"/ assuming his sense and foresight wasn't confused by his familiar climate/ we can deduce there's more than just mirrors and razors behind them/ clear of the self hatred stepping from the fog and can tell ourselves that we've made it/ unable to look back and measure how long it's actually taken/ Accept the reflection of a radiant beauty we can truthfully identify with/ Resolute enough to salute the moon's disguises/ we speak in tongues at retributions volume/ heart on a half sleeve tattooed with hues removed from silence/ The darkest of black inks that move in unison with the vibrant colors of youth until the lines blend/ and we're consumed into the timeless/ wondering how long the life lines stretch scribing freedom with tied hands shaking as her kiss moistens these dry lips/ justifying that it's just us defying the vital functions existence relies on/ the desire to survive these long lonely moments/ These pitch black evenings had me guessing/ tomorrow itself is truly only defined by it's reflection...


released January 17, 2012

All Songs Written and Performed by Aeon Grey
All Songs Produced by Bashir
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Aeon Grey at Grey Walls


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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