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from Cocoon by Aeon Grey



Suffer like city streets in the winter/ succumbing to freezing degrees crumbling surface and splinters incited like something's sinister/ when our natural environments designed to snuff the timid persons, there's nothing simpler/ We adjust at the cusp of earths limits certain were worth the purse pinching two cents that deserves witness/ too clever for spurred interest/ sure we flirt with finished reserve judgment to be certain the price of trying's worth the winnings/ Personal experience is science for the physics/ test the method pioneering a pride applied to surface rhythms/ that light in the tunnel you can't define or divert through prism/ pain's maybe the one feeling designed as assurance you're living/ You're against the currents or with them/ there's no suspending the surface is vicious/ swimming determined chasing a destiny determined by nature's nourishment more than parental nurturing/ so sure you're discouraged we're skirting the difference/ Stir crazy in the center deterred by the edges/ Disturbing the fringes Clergy Serving a sermon to minions of burning the witches/ blurring the symptoms the burdens religious versions depicting the same perversions and sickness/ So where're we at?/ At the apex on the verge of it tipping/ observing scavengers perchant no circling bait set staff and serpent constriction/ fate met smirking embraced death like we deserve to be victims/ but ain't yet worth it's convictions/ 

Don't Waste breath
Save strength

Who's committed to this universe is living isn't usually worth evolution's work to endure curriculum/ News is sourced next to unicorns and kittens tuning organs/ distraction from tuning organs with food endorsed to diminish any communal resistance/ and you dismiss it until ruins the course/ then it’s all love and truth, until it’s us or you/


from Cocoon, released October 14, 2016


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