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resident alien (feat. Gadema)

from Cocoon by Aeon Grey



<aeon grey>
A vulture cries dismissing it's heritage/ a ghost dissolve, a disguise to swim in the narrative/ while most rely on the limits inherited the rarest sculpt design indiscriminate of living and careful steps/ take it, back to the bricks again/ divinity trends the last ditch of sanity his fists can clench/ faiths deceptive, trust scrapes the gifts and dread/ decisions tense/ Just makes it better to measure risks against/ forever discipline chiseled Sisyphus/ ebb and continuance related by resistances/ every scar marks the death of innocence/ heavy hearts starve perception of blessings brilliance/ no light in the tunnel/ a cold life thankful for the blankets fold/ knuckles glow white the holds tight to the humble/ controlled plight no disclosed right as king of the jungle/ striving to live life that's the singular, one goal/ freedom's extinction is imminent/ when wealth's the distinction between distinguished and delinquent/ indigenous thinking descended Genghis/ cursed nurture versus your descendants helix/ against the weaving no regrets, no redeeming 

My life is just the opposite, ominous to conglomerate, obviously preposterous the popular dominance I/ walk amongst the fossils and archaeologist on it/ i bring the planets to me and create reason and logic/ fostering epoch is the vessel that made it’s orbit/ the outcome of the research that we studied is morbid/ I hate work in torrents of confusion and forming/ from prologue to epilogue eschatology warning/ like icebergs that’s melting because of a global warming/ or alien bacteria got your flesh transforming/ the new millenniums will reveal a new evolution/ you can’t be saved by medicine and DNA transfusion/ victim to the essence just let it happen the nexus/ will swallow light and water sound and reveal new dimensions/ I don’t believe I’m from here, originated in kepler/ I’m here to salvage parts for the ship so hold your lecture/ 

<aeon grey>
Examine the damage done by the tears of a scavenger whose biggest fear is they'll be stranded here to forever inhabit earth/ sabbath and sacrament turned to savage and abstinence of practice outside desire to salvage the aggregate/ regardless of what's next, I need salvation after it without the echelon attachment beta the alpha's bit to balance the weight of the way the powers tip/ greet the architect/ death's reality is only measured by cowardice/ flex a 4 finger ring in a 3 ring circus trying to reflect 5 rings but every cyphers imperfect/ pressurized to test the cycles endurance/ I let the light go encouraged this vessels eyes reflect the right road and its surface/ For the disciples who slight hope for its burdens and incite self righteous codes of murderous worship/ and cite wealth's right as the only determining circumstance/ your life's held tight in a workers hands/ enjoy your e pluribus purchase

There's a reason for Solitude/ problems bloom immediately outside of the womb/ where cowards groom and polish droog/ sentiment, I  find myself completely out of tune/ out of touch/ out of excuses for refusing to blend in/ and I'm tired of defending it/ 


from Cocoon, released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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