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chaos infinite

by aeon grey

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subtle 01:24
This is the status that captures I existed here/ established and fitted behind persistent fears/ fashioned a subtle dabble in the debonair/ with mask held in place from the daggers that we fit in ears/ And they can act as if We didn’t care/ the act alone soaks the status quo fabric in river tears/ That’s the robe that my patience and compassion wears/ first one in and last to go and still has those absent stares/ Can’t even mummy the brain around it/ the mumblings of money and fame around us/ the mud we sling gunning to claim we’re founders/ no servitude, purpose rules were mailing every fingers with rings around it/ No ransom, still distinguished a signature sound written in the blood of every sheep which we encountered/ and they can proceed to doubt us/ the seed is deep and genes just breed a deviance to keep us grounded/
Whether or not they buy into the apocalyptic planning/ depends on how you package the product marketing and branding/ relying on the findings of applied science/ then realize social currency won’t scathe where the bottom line is/ Knee jerk reactions decide on the deciders/ move like sea urchins dragging spines across divided earth/ a pack of rotten Sasquatch attack the ballot box/ Trojan horse gallop forms who holds the horns on the golden ox/ Spinal mold for Five fold symmetry/ Composed of High alert assembly/ hold serendipity by the neck and examine its divinity/ brace for impact and then assess which way the sinners lean/ Savoring all of the political wavering/ waving goodbye to tomorrow the atypical behavior brings/ ain’t giving hope a chance when Satan sings praises for Kings embracing the basic instincts/ why save it? To watch it all go down sits on top my bucket list / with a bucket of buttered popcorn, milk duds and kids, from the sour patch/ saying fuck it to live for the now and relax to the sound of collapse in the distance/ down in front/ back row bootleggers, you can count on us/ to capture the movement between the movie and the callused clutch, on reality/ and now his strut was mistaken for the cusp of Armageddon/ bought the farm expecting/ self sustaining hospitality/ don’t see it, slivered eyelids/ life line aligned to the depth the polar ice is/ Entire earth was colonized for spices/ but white kids can’t identify what properly seasoned rice is/ Heightened sensitivity, but normalized deviance/ the wider the gap is the more bodies you can feed to it/ a new couture virus brand pending/ green hue allure standard course for pandemic/ the damn ending/
the calmn 02:15
Felt like I was living the life I needed to/ like every decision was right between the two/ finished the night like this deceit was true/ forget memory lane I stroll the scenic route/ control the grief and groom/ the belief holding and keep this cool/ submerged to identify the soul and the hole it’s leaking through/ it’s a dangerous gap between what we know and think is true/ and the scientific means we need to prove it/ the power of cynics/ when every hour and minute is set to seek improvement/ of how we perceive completed moons/ and life’s relation to the light in the tunnel we need to see it through/ but lack the tools we need to do it/ Death is the only language that humans are speaking fluent/ and we can’t seem to prosper without greeds influence/ Once your eyes are open you know the dream is ruined/ and still have hopes to cling to despite the deeds your doing/ and all your religious beliefs are mute when/ it’s only the pious you keep as students/ the kingdoms keys won’t ever bring to knees the masses/ without accompanying cataclysm/ fuck it let me turn on the tv and see who’s shooting/
chromatic 03:07
Soulless exterior/ cold metal features scratched off serial/ stolen avatar hand of God conceal and carry standard rabid/ peel your pomegranate/ ponder or pander tragic/ belief in karma has that advantage/ define difference between crawling and standing/ defeat or conquering Camelot/ disease and slaughter is sanctioned/ citizen meat marching demanding paradise delivering evil in cars armed and abandoned/ leaving charred hearts in its absence/ man is equal parts martyr and savage/ tomorrow's abandoned, Marlboro man up and discuss what cancer your stance is/ humanity dissolves in the anthem/ truth's in the panic we hang from/ crucifixes reality that's too good to listen/ casual brutality amputated pigs wing/ The world is hurting and we vote for drones and munitions to fix things/ kneel before diplomacy's blitzkrieg/ take your soma and sit please/ no one vulnerable lives free/ Carpe diem like tomorrow can't happen/ we carve pain in flesh just to follow our passion/ fire shots with no acronyms push the envelope or push daffodils/ push bystanders like authorities are after him/ Carpe diem like tomorrow can't happen/ we carve pain in flesh just to follow our passion/ fire shots with no acronyms/ push the promised hope or push casket wheels/ all glory no captives/
elephant ear 02:28
Can’t even remember The definition of what domestic was All hands on deck All hands left with stumps This is the Off brand etcetera Slaughtered lambs in the mouth of Bio-enhanced lions Where the smiles mechanics doesn’t gesture love Can’t stomach the violence The biome it has passes electric buzz That hypnotizes the best of us Live and die in the triumph They never tried the psilocybin To expand themself Is it human or universe who defines a man of wealth Limited control is like Holding the light while the candle melts Knowing the slightest breeze seizes any advantage held Poker face isn’t the best way to play the hand you’re dealt Now tell me how do you handle self inflicted wounds When amputated above the panic button The cruelty of nature where the damage dwells Dueling the communal speak of cancer cells, Or any other disease you can’t repel Can’t afford to upgrade this standard shell The relationship is love hate, just trying to stay above grade Held hostage with no negotiations for escaping in helicopters Holding only high demands of self The stories a wise man can tell The glory’s divine exam we fail The torture survived despite the hammer and nails But Can’t enjoy the time provided without constant reminders that they might land in hell Sense of grandeur fell Learning they’re not a fan of help Sacrifice it all in the abandoned wells Forgot the the steps but still dance the pale Moonlit ballroom long after even the lantern fell No guiding light The design that drives societies dismantled elegance Within the fragile fellowship we use to stand united But it feels like breathings the only things similar that you and I did I really don’t need another ghost to confide in or fight with Stay righteous Or at least try it Bye kids Sing An homage to the dead rising and the gravel swells A deep belief in Hatori swordsman speech and CQC techniques to grapple self Like any of that will help
passenger 01:50
We all don't get a long/ Kum... buy a lot of rations and a gun/ stash it from your friends and neighbors/ when disaster comes the savage side doesn't recognize faces/ you have to defend your staples/ pills filled with cyanide there's no saviors to bend the matrix/ it's crazy what we sell to ascend stations/ destroy communal wealth as the basis of our quest to score salary/ art starts to reflect our mortality/ sick lunatics then form our normality/ distortion scores galaxies and our course towards doubting dreams/ I'd rather build than let thor's mallet swing/ but I can't be bound by your boundaries/ you want to know how it sounds to me?/ flesh in a meat grinder over the muffled sound of screams/ there's no god and man is fucking evil that's how I account for things/ Push buttons, push yourself, push agendas, fuck it just push something/
plebescite 02:09
It takes iron limbs to survive a minute in this environment/ flesh residue in the lions grin, men admire it/ I'm Ursa Minor crypt keeper/ nurse a nirvana liquid serum/ curse the finer things around the fire pit/ Shave a New York minute fuel a country mile with/ behave choice words minced doodles of funny smiling/ to suit the sunny side of him/ prescribed violence stuffed in the piñata' skin/ sweet tooth disgruntled nihilist/ the sum of your wildest dreams mean nothing, a pile of shit/ only as good as the customs you're inspired to risk/ the way the marionette wires twitch it's obvious/ trust its just another dust up for the mob to fix/ economic genocide lobby Composite immigrant/ Larger than life to scale model citizen/ recognizing lesser crimes of necronomic innocence/ where we meaure the vice against the progress of mongrel indigents/ who bond over bitterness and stand united against plebiscites who pledge a life to right despondent living and/ for those trying to turn the picket lines to a picket fence/ pick a fence and sit on it, split the caustic and the living dead/ It's either sausage or the Lilith fest/ Mass slaughter or the liberal left/ Skeleton closet or episcopal press/ Class martyred for Wars fought developed in a Fictional breath/ ...Brand you frightened in the same club as grubs banned from flight lists/ ...the Glamour lightened decays some as drums bang on night shifts/ ...cheap damaged titans from plastic molds that can't hold form banging the righteous ... beliefs, grandeur, enlightened... three lies our ego tells us to mask how worthless our life is
as a 01:55
We used to think "this is what gods views like"/ looking down on a few lights resembling civilization/ huddled around fueled blights on the cooled nights ambiance/ our image is the gods we want/ living within the limits of our comic con/ the cosmic pond is stocked with bigger fish in it/ the common bond between Big Bang and atomic clock/ we split seconds to measure what infinite isn't/ Forever's just symbolist wishing wisps of the wind resembled what religions intended/ pearly gates a list and attendant/ think about how we define creation’s dimensions/ nothing more than servitude to the snake and it's venom/ in the form of fruit we take from the temptress/ for Christ’s sake, if life’s sacred than what’s the point of your heavens/ Swine asking immigrant cabbies where they dropped god/ the American dream's a mirage in the steam of over heated engines/ the motor needed attendance but dashboard lights are simply seen as suggestion/ I’m one of the last born before inventions mother hung her self at home just inside of the entrance/ a grudge disguised with picket fences/ that disciplines the flint that sparks the tensions/ commended for carving amendments in commandments/ life as the apprentice/
next meal 02:53
lives life Iike an animal Tense to the ties of his Next meal's stranglehold A trap, Smells the hunters Where they dangle hope just another figure moving through the cannons scope Unable to contemplate what Those hands have choked carries the kind of hate That demand evokes An honor ranging from samurai to the standard guy Asking God to command his role But he’s last in line the damaged cope a Gotham anecdote Where the city limits manage to hold expectations for expanding growth Can't control the separation of Desperation standard least Until the lambs exposed Every step let's the maverick roam Proper blend of blessed and cadaver stroll No before and after pose There's no distorting the gamma role Maybe we can survive on the mirage of grandeur alone Savage moan in Tantric tone Collapsing hope In the established dose Acting random won’t hide the facts imposed Gasps and panic spoke encyclopedic volumes Keep your hammocks low No practicing social activism prose Just head above water fashioned different strokes Middle class erodes and makes the masses minimal Average joe dressed in savage pro Never bought into the status quo packaged hope
finite space 03:15
We’re no different. Shame is in the way we may never know different. So Let it be set in stone scripted and you’ll be sisyphus wishing for a kiss of death instead of respect and owned privilege/ there’s no letting it rest the roll is his/ forever and then some there’s no ending/ there’s no forgetting the second when the morals split/ for every penance the ego sent him/ We owe the equivalent in boiled skin/ Dependent on a culture where blood and oil mix/ Suffer under reticulated coiled grins/ In a never for which we hold reverence/ The formation assembled in is a delicate/ distorted hatred towards the way that other tortured souls tour the wave lengths/ our own torment weighted against the void that replaces it/ it’s hard to enjoy peace when you’re so scared you’ll break it/ It’s hard to describe what I’m fastened too Arms out wide the stakes are passing through martyr might cry and stain the grasses roots Spawning new growth that improves the captive truths Still using faith to brace for massive doom When change is within range of what fate demands of you Not what the future holds but the stones that your hands can move


released August 13, 2021

all songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by aeon grey


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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