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by Aeon Grey

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learning 03:24
Put the mask on… no mouth, eye or ear holes/ kept tight around the neck trying to suffocate the ego/ The past draws a self destructive fate that fears hope/ with sight, sound and breath denied, nothing changes the deceased's tone/ it's just the outline, structure weighs a discrete stroke/ to keep the signature abstract, an epitaph with unique prose/ the Bastard son in the slain kings throne/ two hands of blood carrying the blade that betrayed what he brings home/ Trying to wear the weight of the crown on instinct alone/ swear patronage that barely amounts to defend loathe/ stature like two cadaver lungs stained by the smoke rings blown/ which hover and dissipate with the change the winds wove/ And you're asking what he'd trade for the sake of indigenous home/ he'd give it all back if it set the stage for generations to grow/ against the grain and the flow, union due payments are owed/ the aim as a whole's a loose representation of hope/ The whole history of Mesopotamia choked/ by a gold rope missing link that measures the hate in our souls/ defining a metric for making the most/ out of never again and a basic instinct for saving our own/ So you can Savor the moment atoned to your savior component/ a slave to your ownership bound and tied to behaviors molded in the base of ancestral motives/ we set the tone like distant explosions that left your horizons glowing/  These are the comings and goings/ flummoxed pheromone swings from the back downs to the come ups and gold spins/ it's apparent, one of us knows things and the others just fair to quote parables of dystopian growth rings/ branch out/ from war heads to missile toe rings this is that worship syndrome speech/ at a tempo that sins won't reach/ bent hope at the waste to kiss those feet/ yeah... some of us miss those dreams/ Instead this is the darkness a glimmer won't breach/ shooting stars in attempt to center woes creep/ even deity ascending won't cheat/ what seems to be imminent/ the blessing the ending won't need/ 
concentrate 03:54
Suffer like city streets in the winter/ succumbing to freezing degrees crumbling surface and splinters incited like something's sinister/ when our natural environments designed to snuff the timid persons, there's nothing simpler/ We adjust at the cusp of earths limits certain were worth the purse pinching two cents that deserves witness/ too clever for spurred interest/ sure we flirt with finished reserve judgment to be certain the price of trying's worth the winnings/ Personal experience is science for the physics/ test the method pioneering a pride applied to surface rhythms/ that light in the tunnel you can't define or divert through prism/ pain's maybe the one feeling designed as assurance you're living/ You're against the currents or with them/ there's no suspending the surface is vicious/ swimming determined chasing a destiny determined by nature's nourishment more than parental nurturing/ so sure you're discouraged we're skirting the difference/ Stir crazy in the center deterred by the edges/ Disturbing the fringes Clergy Serving a sermon to minions of burning the witches/ blurring the symptoms the burdens religious versions depicting the same perversions and sickness/ So where're we at?/ At the apex on the verge of it tipping/ observing scavengers perchant no circling bait set staff and serpent constriction/ fate met smirking embraced death like we deserve to be victims/ but ain't yet worth it's convictions/  Don't Waste breath Save strength Concentrate Who's committed to this universe is living isn't usually worth evolution's work to endure curriculum/ News is sourced next to unicorns and kittens tuning organs/ distraction from tuning organs with food endorsed to diminish any communal resistance/ and you dismiss it until ruins the course/ then it’s all love and truth, until it’s us or you/
It can't last forever... Drop it/ they imitate the passion Ghandi had/ tags on the contraband written in comic sans/ take you serious if you promise to add and define a God that we can trust with an economic stance/ atlas shoulders mount the head a monarch demands/ there's treason in the lineage/ demons in the helix's tint/ bleed relief from a set of strong arms with scabs opened as a measure from tomorrow's chance born uncorrupted/ draw the blade across the guts with Japanese general honor carving up his stomach/ fed sentinel mantra marching on the blood drenched judgments of tough love's whips belt buckles skin an heir to the dynasty/ harness scars and triumphs scenes/ Gitmo guilt trip quilted on the giant screens/ stars and bars half mast in the aftermath when half the mass has that drop jaw belief/ what a tragedy/ who's selling suckers magic beans?/ set them up for what's to come rough and tumble collapse of dreams/ can't take it back once it's past the peaked all succumb to just the one glutinous masterpiece/  Just waiting... To fall off…
<aeon grey> A vulture cries dismissing it's heritage/ a ghost dissolve, a disguise to swim in the narrative/ while most rely on the limits inherited the rarest sculpt design indiscriminate of living and careful steps/ take it, back to the bricks again/ divinity trends the last ditch of sanity his fists can clench/ faiths deceptive, trust scrapes the gifts and dread/ decisions tense/ Just makes it better to measure risks against/ forever discipline chiseled Sisyphus/ ebb and continuance related by resistances/ every scar marks the death of innocence/ heavy hearts starve perception of blessings brilliance/ no light in the tunnel/ a cold life thankful for the blankets fold/ knuckles glow white the holds tight to the humble/ controlled plight no disclosed right as king of the jungle/ striving to live life that's the singular, one goal/ freedom's extinction is imminent/ when wealth's the distinction between distinguished and delinquent/ indigenous thinking descended Genghis/ cursed nurture versus your descendants helix/ against the weaving no regrets, no redeeming  <Gadema> My life is just the opposite, ominous to conglomerate, obviously preposterous the popular dominance I/ walk amongst the fossils and archaeologist on it/ i bring the planets to me and create reason and logic/ fostering epoch is the vessel that made it’s orbit/ the outcome of the research that we studied is morbid/ I hate work in torrents of confusion and forming/ from prologue to epilogue eschatology warning/ like icebergs that’s melting because of a global warming/ or alien bacteria got your flesh transforming/ the new millenniums will reveal a new evolution/ you can’t be saved by medicine and DNA transfusion/ victim to the essence just let it happen the nexus/ will swallow light and water sound and reveal new dimensions/ I don’t believe I’m from here, originated in kepler/ I’m here to salvage parts for the ship so hold your lecture/  <aeon grey> Examine the damage done by the tears of a scavenger whose biggest fear is they'll be stranded here to forever inhabit earth/ sabbath and sacrament turned to savage and abstinence of practice outside desire to salvage the aggregate/ regardless of what's next, I need salvation after it without the echelon attachment beta the alpha's bit to balance the weight of the way the powers tip/ greet the architect/ death's reality is only measured by cowardice/ flex a 4 finger ring in a 3 ring circus trying to reflect 5 rings but every cyphers imperfect/ pressurized to test the cycles endurance/ I let the light go encouraged this vessels eyes reflect the right road and its surface/ For the disciples who slight hope for its burdens and incite self righteous codes of murderous worship/ and cite wealth's right as the only determining circumstance/ your life's held tight in a workers hands/ enjoy your e pluribus purchase There's a reason for Solitude/ problems bloom immediately outside of the womb/ where cowards groom and polish droog/ sentiment, I  find myself completely out of tune/ out of touch/ out of excuses for refusing to blend in/ and I'm tired of defending it/ 
jupiter 01:14
phase change 05:05
Mind body and spirit perfect for every desire maybe the one thing who’s purpose is forever inspired so what’s home to you?/ tarnished halos or cloven hooves?/ keep the face low just the way a soul maneuvers/ slowly weave the catacombs breath the coldest rumors/ settle deaths bulk sloth and erode the movements/ threading breath through every crevice open loop and/ defining ourselves by our own hopes for influence/ tread the depths bio luminescent coax the food in/ forever sung definite, finale deafening doom pitch/ under pressure like we’re all destined to do shit/ succumb to the lesser ruined by necessity’s blueprint/ adjust our pleasures better suited to inclusion/ jump at a future destitute, no truth to evolution/ blessed for a moment to rest? measure if your shoes fit/ every blister recollects the steps no impression left is useless/ rift gifted, redirect the next commuters/ live drifting on the breath of essence feeling blessed that it moved us/  Yeah, you can go ahead and ask her, who's scared travel?/ self induced anchors rooted graves to gravel/ keep hold of grudges fragile/ glass unicorns molded in the smoldering molten rubble under babel/ craftsmen fold curmudgeons on the anvil/ that actions supposed to hold primary, still colors turn to pastel/ so what's the budget on the anthill?/ white picket fences sold holy/ I'd rather fill the moat around the castle/ yeah you're solider posted/ with pitchforks and halos strolling your shoulders solstice/ scales or feather still opposing where your lows sit/ history we wont script/ John Hancock cast system for your broke wrist/ decide where friends or foes fit/ fend for own living/ or defend your home's windows/ this agenda knows limits on a first name basis/ and even recognizes the middle name's danger/   a special deception forged for the pecking order/ the edge of the weapons scored to score death for warlords/ devil nested remorse in thorned coronation/ forever festers in the sores formed for faiths chance/ measured science tames the lion/ anymore David's blinded by his envy for Goliath/ the underdog bares restraints resembling Orion/ celestial chains their assembling in china/ 
awol 04:04
Speak for sorry/ no, forget the apology/ talk is cheap measured against the faults that need acknowledging/ a pardon brings a spread of perception blessed Picasso ink/ a cross between what we know as law and all the possible things/ it feels the foresight is posthumous linked/ and the sore sight is cured by what the populous thinks/ we ignore plight and conform right while Poverty tips/ So I explore life to ensure I keep Sovereignty's tilt/ we run from unforgiving humble beginnings towards disgruntled agendas formed by someone's opinion/ we see the dream but we struggle to live it/ risking the funds for nutrition on just one chance to double our winnings/ I'd rather jump in the river than stumble on crumbling bridges for some comforts/ but fuck it, I was bum to begin with/ made dysfunction a custom, still a cut above what you're accustomed / this functions just the juggling of tomorrow's dreams with what was/rooted from sorrow's seeds that the salt rusts/ we practice alchemy on account of these hallowed scenes the cult trusts/ defining how to lead is challenging it involves bluffs/ I'm not counting sheep the values deemed in those evolved to hunt/ It wasn't wasted effort turning walls to dust/ but the way we celebrate it's a telling statement of what was lost or won/ still singing praises before the operas done/ shows how off base with gauging situations the caucus was/ This is life from a Himalayan salted tongue/ Because At times we all fall victim playing to the dogma's struts/ and I'm not saying life is wasted if it revolves for love/ just stating there's creation waiting beyond the front… Where I'm at? Won't define quite where I'm from/ where I'm from won't define quite where I was/ where I was we cherish calm and peace but keep an arm of length/ between us and our neighbors/ eyes on the congregation reflecting the Yonker’s flame/ I used to walk the city watching it, stalking the positive/ but negative tends to sculpt the way the posture tips/ I kept it honest in hopes you would acknowledge it/ but the truth hurts, proven first… Hindsight's right reflecting off the grievance/ But with respect to retrospection, we're better off just dreaming/ so we set our hearts to beating syncopated/ off pace with what's within reach and the things that were chasing/  It's starting to get hard to fix your eyes on what stars are lit/ that's development, yellow tinted skies disguise our cosmic fit/ I'm just hoping to start tomorrow fresh it's hard/ knowing every moments composed of borrowed seconds/ slaves to our own methods/  Walk with me and patrol the cold and desolate/ talk with me, we'll code what we know as desperate/  The streets are cold like Iced over rivers/ but When dawn breaks it changes, every light folds religious/ the psychosis holds its limits/ with only slight hopes to control the blizzards/
pull back 04:38
pull the veil on surveillance/ xenophobe somali pirate aliens/ insomniac pilots pride themselves on arrogance/ but never felt the sting of Mongol arrow heads/ we’re all mongrels with narrow death defying escapes/ studying ways waves break on Alcatraz/ not every path amounts to math/ house is cashed/ even Vegas gives cowards a chance/ skins expedition to the marrows span/ sins set in perdition considered what each peril grants/ for feral man/ living life like the tarots fact/ means the finished fights in sterile hands/ the future's hold molds the limit where its trapped/ matching pounds per square inch in terrors grasp/ cowards allowing myth to declare their stance/ zombie apocalypse preparedness unaware it's in their capitalist genetic makeup already/ And when resources evaporate it makes us all deadly/ just another part of tomorrow's prepping/ assessing the hearts pulse necessity/ when it's clear that our faults all caused the enemy boots to hit pay dirt/ destiny's where blades curve and neck will meet/ it's funny how fate works when faith turns the same circumstances to resemble dreams/ Mob mentality, it takes church assembly to validate your pretend beliefs/  We all die/ fat calico to small fry/ warren buffet to dollar menu/ mans gotta eat and still acknowledge rents due/ sustenance shelter scripts, properly prep for doom, Fuck helping your friends/ warning shots to deaths salute/ 21 gun perceptive proof/ from the penthouse to domestic ruins/ from the bent down and destitute/ to heads crowned collecting loot/ to be condemned now's commendable/ the pinned down dig the trench out in rented shoes/ grinding teeth like the meat in French verdun/ God bless the food/ still can't digest the truth off of bending spoons/ put caution to the wind gets heads removed/ when slaughters how we live and death is groomed as majestic rules/ the oppressed are tooled to accept the route/ with carnivores starting wars for expensive fuels/ within our borders we set flames and catch the fumes/ to smoke screen stress placed on deceptive news/ violence is what change is receptive to/ in a state where desperate's the truth that aggression proves/ dawn of tomorrow's reflection in a crescent moon/ where the star lit bravado gets its dues coming/ Equality measured by your protector views/ and despite a gesture to surrender you expect they shoot/ Worried about what some confederates flew/ after wringing the blood from your precious white red and blue/ scraping native scalps from the tread of your boot/ we defined what hatred's about, there's nothing sacred touting devout patriots/ when man bleeds, there's no exceptional hue...We all die. 
cosm...bait 01:37


Phase Change: 
   - individual groups to swarms, flocks, schools, etc.
   - the mindset, temperament and even physical attributes of an animal can change when adapting from an individual to a larger group. 
   - example: When a large group of grasshoppers inhabit the same area and food or resources become scarce they will morph into a locust swarm. They will then move from area to area ravaging the resources as if it were necessity. 

The modern human goes through the same changes… develops the same self devouring nature and will seemingly stop at nothing to destroy itself. Despite the motivating factors of the group, an group of equal strength will always rise in contradiction to. 

Word is born… cloaked identity meaning… drenched in metaphor… soaked in inconvenience…

**Lyric sheet and Instrumental version included with download


released October 14, 2016

All tracks written and produced by aeon grey
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Grey Walls by aeon grey except: concentrate, resident alien, phase change, & awol recorded by Steve Phelps at Words of Shy studios. 


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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