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from Cocoon by Aeon Grey



Speak for sorry/ no, forget the apology/ talk is cheap measured against the faults that need acknowledging/ a pardon brings a spread of perception blessed Picasso ink/ a cross between what we know as law and all the possible things/ it feels the foresight is posthumous linked/ and the sore sight is cured by what the populous thinks/ we ignore plight and conform right while Poverty tips/ So I explore life to ensure I keep Sovereignty's tilt/ we run from unforgiving humble beginnings towards disgruntled agendas formed by someone's opinion/ we see the dream but we struggle to live it/ risking the funds for nutrition on just one chance to double our winnings/ I'd rather jump in the river than stumble on crumbling bridges for some comforts/ but fuck it, I was bum to begin with/ made dysfunction a custom, still a cut above what you're accustomed / this functions just the juggling of tomorrow's dreams with what was/rooted from sorrow's seeds that the salt rusts/ we practice alchemy on account of these hallowed scenes the cult trusts/ defining how to lead is challenging it involves bluffs/ I'm not counting sheep the values deemed in those evolved to hunt/ It wasn't wasted effort turning walls to dust/ but the way we celebrate it's a telling statement of what was lost or won/ still singing praises before the operas done/ shows how off base with gauging situations the caucus was/ This is life from a Himalayan salted tongue/ Because At times we all fall victim playing to the dogma's struts/ and I'm not saying life is wasted if it revolves for love/ just stating there's creation waiting beyond the front…

Where I'm at? Won't define quite where I'm from/ where I'm from won't define quite where I was/ where I was

we cherish calm and peace but keep an arm of length/ between us and our neighbors/ eyes on the congregation reflecting the Yonker’s flame/

I used to walk the city watching it, stalking the positive/ but negative tends to sculpt the way the posture tips/ I kept it honest in hopes you would acknowledge it/ but the truth hurts, proven first…

Hindsight's right reflecting off the grievance/ But with respect to retrospection, we're better off just dreaming/ so we set our hearts to beating syncopated/ off pace with what's within reach and the things that were chasing/ 

It's starting to get hard to fix your eyes on what stars are lit/ that's development, yellow tinted skies disguise our cosmic fit/ I'm just hoping to start tomorrow fresh it's hard/
knowing every moments composed of borrowed seconds/ slaves to our own methods/ 

Walk with me and patrol the cold and desolate/ talk with me, we'll code what we know as desperate/ 

The streets are cold like Iced over rivers/ but When dawn breaks it changes, every light folds religious/ the psychosis holds its limits/ with only slight hopes to control the blizzards/


from Cocoon, released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



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