phase change

from Cocoon by Aeon Grey



Mind body and spirit perfect for every desire
maybe the one thing who’s purpose is forever inspired

so what’s home to you?/ tarnished halos or cloven hooves?/ keep the face low just the way a soul maneuvers/ slowly weave the catacombs breath the coldest rumors/ settle deaths bulk sloth and erode the movements/ threading breath through every crevice open loop and/ defining ourselves by our own hopes for influence/ tread the depths bio luminescent coax the food in/ forever sung definite, finale deafening doom pitch/ under pressure like we’re all destined to do shit/ succumb to the lesser ruined by necessity’s blueprint/ adjust our pleasures better suited to inclusion/ jump at a future destitute, no truth to evolution/ blessed for a moment to rest? measure if your shoes fit/ every blister recollects the steps no impression left is useless/ rift gifted, redirect the next commuters/ live drifting on the breath of essence feeling blessed that it moved us/ 

Yeah, you can go ahead and ask her, who's scared travel?/ self induced anchors rooted graves to gravel/ keep hold of grudges fragile/ glass unicorns molded in the smoldering molten rubble under babel/ craftsmen fold curmudgeons on the anvil/ that actions supposed to hold primary, still colors turn to pastel/ so what's the budget on the anthill?/ white picket fences sold holy/ I'd rather fill the moat around the castle/ yeah you're solider posted/ with pitchforks and halos strolling your shoulders solstice/ scales or feather still opposing where your lows sit/ history we wont script/ John Hancock cast system for your broke wrist/ decide where friends or foes fit/ fend for own living/ or defend your home's windows/ this agenda knows limits on a first name basis/ and even recognizes the middle name's danger/  

a special deception forged for the pecking order/ the edge of the weapons scored to score death for warlords/ devil nested remorse in thorned coronation/ forever festers in the sores formed for faiths chance/ measured science tames the lion/ anymore David's blinded by his envy for Goliath/ the underdog bares restraints resembling Orion/ celestial chains their assembling in china/ 


from Cocoon, released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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