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pull back

from Cocoon by Aeon Grey



pull the veil on surveillance/ xenophobe somali pirate aliens/ insomniac pilots pride themselves on arrogance/ but never felt the sting of Mongol arrow heads/ we’re all mongrels with narrow death defying escapes/ studying ways waves break on Alcatraz/ not every path amounts to math/ house is cashed/ even Vegas gives cowards a chance/ skins expedition to the marrows span/ sins set in perdition considered what each peril grants/ for feral man/ living life like the tarots fact/ means the finished fights in sterile hands/ the future's hold molds the limit where its trapped/ matching pounds per square inch in terrors grasp/ cowards allowing myth to declare their stance/ zombie apocalypse preparedness unaware it's in their capitalist genetic makeup already/ And when resources evaporate it makes us all deadly/ just another part of tomorrow's prepping/ assessing the hearts pulse necessity/ when it's clear that our faults all caused the enemy boots to hit pay dirt/ destiny's where blades curve and neck will meet/ it's funny how fate works when faith turns the same circumstances to resemble dreams/ Mob mentality, it takes church assembly to validate your pretend beliefs/ 

We all die/ fat calico to small fry/ warren buffet to dollar menu/ mans gotta eat and still acknowledge rents due/ sustenance shelter scripts, properly prep for doom, Fuck helping your friends/ warning shots to deaths salute/ 21 gun perceptive proof/ from the penthouse to domestic ruins/ from the bent down and destitute/ to heads crowned collecting loot/ to be condemned now's commendable/ the pinned down dig the trench out in rented shoes/ grinding teeth like the meat in French verdun/ God bless the food/ still can't digest the truth off of bending spoons/ put caution to the wind gets heads removed/ when slaughters how we live and death is groomed as majestic rules/ the oppressed are tooled to accept the route/ with carnivores starting wars for expensive fuels/ within our borders we set flames and catch the fumes/ to smoke screen stress placed on deceptive news/ violence is what change is receptive to/ in a state where desperate's the truth that aggression proves/ dawn of tomorrow's reflection in a crescent moon/ where the star lit bravado gets its dues coming/ Equality measured by your protector views/ and despite a gesture to surrender you expect they shoot/ Worried about what some confederates flew/ after wringing the blood from your precious white red and blue/ scraping native scalps from the tread of your boot/ we defined what hatred's about, there's nothing sacred touting devout patriots/ when man bleeds, there's no exceptional hue...We all die. 


from Cocoon, released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Central Standard Des Moines, Iowa

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